Ranthambore's wild and wondrous natural expanses have compelled generations of travellers to seek them out. But far gone are the days when going on wildlife safari meant roughing it. Today's adventurers look forward to a mix of wilderness and luxury. To cater to the indulgent travellers from across the country and abroad, The Tigress Ranthambore opened its doors!

The magnificent luxury resort, built on Rajasthan's royal heritage theme, welcomes guests to soak in the grandeur of royalty from its illustrious, well-appointed royal suites. The all suite resort cocoons majestic relaxation options like Royal Luxury Suites, Royal Luxury Cottages, and Royal Luxury Villas; all curated to ensure heritage luxuries, modern amenities and undisturbed quality time amidst nature.

An appetizing amalgamation of Indian and continental cuisines prepared by our in-house chef sumptuously blends the traditional and international flavours for your culinary delight.

With our friendly staff, warm hospitality and exciting activities, we are sure that you'll enjoy your Ranthambore adventure as much as we always do.